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Well friend it's Christmas time, and In the mood of the festive season less all take out our shot guns and blow Santa away (metaphorically speaking) . Is it not demented, that we raise children to believe that a fat Guy once a year travels around the world in one night tearing people's roofs off their houses by landing a flying sled pulled by eight " tiny Rain Deers" on their roof. Then he breaks into peoples houses by entering the house by fire place.
Not to rob or murder the people in the house,but to leave toys for children.
Does not this go against the psycho babel that we should not talk down to children, but talk to them as if they are adults. Doesn't raising children to celebrate mythical characters make them grow up to mistrust their parent some how.
Why not do the sane and responsible thing as a parent, and teach your Children the true meaning of Christmas. That God created man in his own image,and gave him free will
. That man was mislead by Satan to think that God was holding something back from them. Mankind using their free will believed Satan lie,and disobeyed God command no to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.
When man disobey God, Man was put out of correct fellowship with God,and man and the creating inherited death and decay.
But the Christmas story focuses On a Loving,gracious,merciful God who would send His son into the world to take on the frail human flesh to dwell among us that we may know the invisible God face to face. That he lived the perfect obedient live ,fulfilling all the requirements a Holy God demand from us. He taught us about our God and the new kingdom He is prepare for all those who chose to except Him as their God.
He taught about man's destiny with the eternal lake of fire,if they die with out placing their faith in God's sent Savor.
He then submitted His body as a substitute for us,that God pored out his wrath and judgement for man Sin,and crush the body of His son for our sin.
As a sign that the penalty of man sin was paid in full,God raised Jesus from the dead on the third day.
So parent should do the the sane and responsible thing and put a bullet Santa's head (metaphorically speaking),and while you at it lets have the Easter Bunny as the main course for Christmas dinner. For Christ is The Greatest gift God has given the man Kind. Unlike toys That are given, the gift of eternal life,never ware out,never get boring, and always keeps on giving.
I Hope you and your families will share this Christmas gift your with neighbors.
Merry Christmas.

Stephen J.Vattimo December 8,2012

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