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Immoral Conduct Monkey Wrench

Immoral Conduct Monkey Wrench

My dear reader  it's a year away from the presidential election,and our nation is in the middle of The Republican debates on national TV.   And the liberal media is digging up dirt on every Republican candidate ,to disqualify any contender to challenge President Obama in the up coming presidential race.   So that the president who has fail to accomplish anything to help improve our country well being, but has mange to increase our national debt twice as deeper in his first four years, then President Bush did in his two term and two wars.

  People voted President Obama in to office because they believed in his empty promises of getting rid:  Government  serving lobbyist, Washington back door made deals,divisional politics, sending our troop to fight other countries battles, unemployment,health care insurance company fleecing the insured.  

The President promised but did not deliver on his promise to: unite the government to meet on common ground to fix the country problems.  Provide the public with the same health care the member of government gets ( for free )

,Provide new job through advancing green energy, and new technically,fixing the countries infrastructure.

  Now my article is not about what a bad President Obama has been,but to look at how the our government has broken down , and is enslaving the American people with over taxation,invading our privacy,and decaying our liberties .

Before Wold War one the American people were only taxed one percent of their income, and every one was happy and living in the land of rainbows and ride around on unicorns.

Now 96 years late the government taxes 40 percent of the American people income,our nation is bankrupt,and I believe six five percent of American our out of work,and our government want to raise taxes,and continues to expand government, and now we live in a land of dome and gloom.

Now I don't know a about you, but I am tried of looking at my pay check and seeing government deductions for services that I will never get service from,such as medicare and social security,be when my generation reaches sixty five these services will not exist due to bankruptcy.   These government services our bankrupt because the government has taken the money that was set aside to support the old when they can't work any long,and has spent it somewhere else.    Now to me that is betraying the American people trust,and it is plan theft.

So why should the American people want a government that can't be trusted, and steal from it's people, to expand and invade and mange more of our lives at the tax payer's wallet ?

Now how about invasion of privacy,every where a  American drives their our close circuit television cameras and photo cameras,taking hundred of picture of them at ever traffic light.    By the way that is why traffic light are set to get you sitting at a light for about four minutes,"SMILE FOR THE CAMERA".

  Now if you are reading this article,enjoy your freedom while it last, Congress now is trying to past a bill to censorship the internet.    The goes the American 's freedom of speech and press out the window.

  Now I want to look at moral standing of the people who are in our government.   Now I believe in the separation of Church and state.   My definition and I believe the founding father's definition is summed up by stating the government will not set up a state sponsored religion,that is enforced upon it's citizens.   This does not mean the absence of the freedom to acknowledge and worship one's God in a public place or in privet setting.     Now just as their is a law of separation of church and state, there should be a law that punishes people who hold government office who commit immoral act during the time they are at work,suppose to be working for the American people, or using American tax dollar to fund immoral activity.     For example all the congress men who have been fly to other countries to have immoral sex with little children and prostitutes.

Using tax payer money to wine and dine and have a place to have sex with their mistresses or boy toys.

  I am sure people in  government also have stolen million of tax payers dollar and spent in gift too them selves and their family members and friends.  

So while sixty five percent of American are unemployed and are eating cat food, or man's best friend just became a happy meal for it's starving unemployed owner, we have our government representatives  all living in large houses,and driving fancy cars ,living the high life,because after all you have to either be very or sell you soul to the devil to run for government office.

The last point I would like to make is, when politician are running for office they should stop trying to out yell,out smear their other candidates,and just plainly tell us how you are going to try to fix America.

  I call all American to pray to God to forgive our nation for our sins,and ask him to heal our land, and pray he will give our leader wisdom on how to fix our broken government and nation, and to commit them selves to serve God and the American people,instead of serving them selves.

Because a month ago I read Thomas Paine's Common Sense, and I realized our government is treat the American people the same way the King of England was treating the American colonies that cause them to declare their break from England.

My opinion is that we don't need to create a new government, our government need to conform it's self back to the mold the founding fathers had set up at the birth of this country,and place this country one nation under God.

Written By Stephen J.Vattimo Dec. 3 2011

Fueling Up With Green Gas

A man pulls into a WaWa  store to fuel up his car. To this man's surprise he see the man parked in front of him is take out of a big brown bag  green bean  burritos and unwraps them then cramming them into his gas tank of his car.  
  So the man who was observing this odd behavior goes over to the man park in front of him and asks him,'' Why are you cramming those bean  burritos into the gas tank of your car?"
The man with the burritos replies," I am trying to protect the environment,so I am fueling my car up with green gas." 
The man who asked him about the bean burritos asks," Aren't you concerned about people trying to sue you for the damage done to their car's paint jobs,that  was caused by the fumes that came out of your tail pipe?"

Stephen J.Vattimo

March 12, 2015

Mystery Of Missing Ships And Planes Solved

Any one ever wonder were all the planes and ships that disappeared in the  Bermuda Triangle have gone?

Well I found I out one Christmas Day.  My parents had got me  this really cool aircraft carrier toy that actually launched airplanes off it's deck using catapults just like real Aircraft carrier do.  
    Well during one of my missions to defend the free world from  enemies military forces.  I launched one of my planes off  my deck of my ship  and watched it sore up ward through the air, then went into a barrel roll, then went into a dive and crashed right into the black dark ocean of my mothers hair who was sleeping on the couch in the room I was playing in.
Well I never recovered the down  plane it was declared missing in action. Until a couple of months latter,when my mother ask me to go up to her bed room and retrieve something for her from her dresser.     While search for the object she wanted I found my down naval plane that had gone missing months before. There it was lying at the bottom of one of her dresser drawers.   I rescue the plane and hid it in my bed room.    So do you want my mom's phone number encase a airplane or ship disappears? 

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo 
March 8, 2015


Dick's Has A New Dick's Has A New Competitor.

Did any one hear about the new chain of sporting goods stores that is competing with Dick’s Sporting Goods. It is owned by a activist group for woman who hate men. The name of the new store chain is COOCH Sporting Goods.


Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
Mach 3, 2015

Tuesday,Hump Day ?

Tuesday,Hump Day ?
Any one see the new Geico Commercail where visitor at a zoo go up to the camel pen and yell out famous Geico comercial phases (Mike..Mike ..Mike,Guess what day it is? ,Hump Day!) 
Well wouldn’t be funny if the writers of that commercail would have the secound camel remine Phil the Camel, " though Tuesday is not thought of as the triditional Hump Day. For a tour group made up of prosituites ,every day better be Hump day,or their Zoo keeper won’t give them their food or water.

Writen By Stephen J. Vattimo

Two bags

The other day I stopped off at a Wawa  store to buy something to eat.   When I handed my purchases to the cashier, he asked me if I wanted my purchases doubled bagged ?
So I as him,"Are you trying to pimp me a date with two old ladies from a retirement home?"

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
February 30, 2015

Cartoon Charactor Or Chippendale Dancer

Any one see the TV commercial for the new Sponge Bob Movie,"Sponge Out Of Water? "
The movie is suppose to be about how Sponge Bob and his friends( who are cartoon charters from a children's TV   show) have to save their world from an apostolic end  by coming into our world  to retrieve their Crabby Paddy formula from a pirate who stole it.  
Now to retrieve their formula from the pirate,they turn themselves in to supper heroes
who use their supper natural power to bitch slap the pirate into giving back their Crabby paddy formula, 
Now when they become super heroes Their bodies morph from cute  animated cartoon characters  to Characters who bodies have pecs and washboard abs. 
Sponge Bob super hero character look like a  Tae - Bo Fitness instructor, and Patrick the Star fish's super hero character  looks like a  Chippendale dancers. 
I guess protecting children's innocents went out the window.

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo 
Feb 8, 2015

Must There be Suffering,To Appreciate Joy?

Dear Friend ,
Here is a letter I receive this morning from a viewer who read my poem entitled the lord's Prayer In the Last Days.
Read her comment to me,then read my to her on the subject of spiritual contrasts are the root of good and bad thing in the world.
Their Comment:
i will applaud the effort gone into this, but TBH knee benders have always proved to me own mind how little they understand about the nature of things...without evil there can be no good, without hate there can be no love..if you have never been sad, then how can you appreciate or understand wot it is to be happy ?
Mine Comment:
First to understand the contrasts of experiencing good and bad things,we need to understand the source of their existence.
The source of good thing comes from God the creator of all things. In the Bible the first book named Genesis ,the first three chapter enplane the origins of creation. God had created every living and no-living thing in six days. After He fished each Creation He declared it good.
The source of bad or evil things come from mans disobedience to God's instruction not to eat from the tree Of the knowledge Of Good And Evil. God had created a world with out want,meaning the needs of man were all supplied for . God also warned man kind that if they ate from the tree Of the knowledge Of Good And Evil that death would come from this action.
So the source o f sickness,disease,death,injustice,terroni ,war,Famine,poverty...All have their root in the pass and present action of man kinds rebellion against God.
The big question is if God is the source of all creation, who is the source of the death,destruction,injustice? 
The answer is the Devil and his army of fallen angel. Man Kind was give the deed to the Earth by the Creator of it,who had the authority to give it. Now as long as Man kind obeyed God instructions,they were protected from the dark army of the devil and His fallen angels who wanted to invade,enslave,and destroy Man Kind and the earth. So when man kind disobey God they gave up the deed to the Earth to the Devil.
The good news is that that we live in a time of grace where man kind can be restored to fellowship with God by putting our faith in the savior Jesus . God provide the savor ,that the sins of men would be washed away by the blood of righteousness man who laid down his life to pay the dept for man's sinful nature. For as we stated before God told the man and the woman that if they disobeyed Him death would come. This death was not just physical but also spiritual. 
When The time of grace has run it course. God will scrap this old world and create a new one where only good things will exist.
Except Jesus Christ as your savor today and you will dwell In this new world and have fellowship with God face to face.
Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
Feb 14,2015

My Little Princess The Movie Star

People say there is nothing that can prepare a father for when his sweet little princess will grow up enough to start dating boys. Well I say always plan ahead. So if i had a daughter I would record movies of my little princess when she is at the age where she believe God put a candy store in side her nose. Then when she at the age when boys will come around to the house to take her out on a date, I will sit down the young suitor and show him some of the movies of when my little princess use to chow down at the candy store that was in her nose, hoping this will discourage him from playing tonsil hockey with my daughter.

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
23,January 2015

Dark Side Of The Moon

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Two Ways TO Heal A Nation.

From: stephen vattimo
Sent: Monday, December 22, 2014 10:14 AM
I am respectfully writing you , and other pastors concerning the recent tension in our society concerning racial equability. I my self am a follower of the lord Jesus Christ. Jesus taught his follower the right way to deal with their enemies. He never taught people an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. He taught do not seek revenge on one’s enemies, but to love those who hate you, bless those who persecute you, pray for those who despite fully use you. Matthew 5:44, Luke 6:28
The Bible also teaches that we are not to seek revenge on our enemies, but leave it to the wrath of God
“Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”
I believe that if we want equality, freedom, peace and prosperity. It will only come though souls coming to in repentance of sin through faith in Jesus the Christ, who takes us off the path of condemnation and places us on a new path of pardoned and in correct fellowship with God,We the give of eternal and abounding life.
Is it not a Pastor of God’s flock, the duty to spread the Gospel of Christ, to disciple the flock to know the word of God and to lovingly obey it?
We who have been called by God will be held accountable for our steward ship of what God has call us to do. Meaning Ther is God’s way of doing thing , and there is our own way.
God’s ways brings healing , peace, abundant live. Our ways brings misunderstanding ,disunity ,unrest , destruction .
My conclusion is that this country has been the brightest beacon of liberty, equality , opportunity in the world. But mind you this nation’s record is not spotless.
People of all races have worked hard , sacrificed together to over this nations enemies both foreign and domestic.
I believe in the darkest times of our nation people of all races have gathered under the Christian faith and have cried out to God for guidance , faith, strength , healing and God has always delivered our country out of the darkest times we have face .
It is my prayer and challenge to you leader to challenge your people to the same.
Respectfully yours
Stephen J. Vattimo
Sent from Windows Mail

Sounds Like

At my place of work there is this technician who I provide equipment to, who decides to change his last name from Bottles to Mahar. One day I asked him why He changed his last name? He told me that Bottles was his adopted family name,he want to change his last name to his natural birth parent’s last name which Mahar. He had said that he is the last male born to this family and he want to carry on the family name.
So I told him it would be cool if he kept using both last names , just in case he turns into an alcoholic and gets busted for a DUI, and is order by a the court of law to attend a AA meetings.
At the AA meeting he can Stand up and introduce himself to the group by saying," Hi my name is Mahar Bottles,and I am not a alcoholic !"
" I am here because I was court ordered. to attend these meetings."

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
November 16,2014.

Happy Meal Toys

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Do The Elves build toys or Nike Sneaker

One day at work, I issued some equipment to a technician,who after putting it in a bag and slung the bag over his shoulders.   As he started to walk away,I said, "Have a nice day Santa Claus."
He responded, " I heard the true story about Santa Claus is that he was a man who broke into houses by going down the Chimneys, then rape the woman,kill the men,steal the content of the house,and abduct the children".
I responded, " So the story of the Elves building all the toys that Sata Claus delivers to the good boys and girls every Christmas is just a cover up story for Santa Claus owning and running a NIke Sneaker  factory in Taiwan that runs on a workforce made up of abducted children who are forced into slave labor.

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
November 1,2014

EveryThing Is Not Better The Second Time Around

I was out of work for two months to recover from a hernia operation  .   One day while I was walking in Valley Forge park, I met a revolution war reenactor who was sitting at a table next to a cabin.      He was explaining to visitors what  methods of medicine that were used in the continental army during the revolutionary war.
  After the crowd of visitors walked away, I started a conversation with the reenactor.
In the  opening conversation I share with him about my time in the military as a combat medic.  I then  had mentioned that I was out of work on short term disability do to a hernia operation.  
He told me that he has had five hernias in his life ,and one time he had a  double hernia. 
 He said that when He had the double Hernia, it had pinched off his lower blow so he could not defecate.    His solid body waste  ended up coming out of his mouth in liquid form.
So I told him when life hands you lemons,you should make leomon.  With all that shit coming out of your mouth you should have ran for political office.
I asked him, did your wife ask you to take breath mint before she allowed you to kiss her ?
If she did , did you ask her why?   Can't she stand the smell of her own cooking?

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo 
October 18,2014

Behind Dark Forgotten Doors And Walls.

It is Halloween time,time to visit a haunted house and get the Bejesus scare out of you.
One of the popular places of Hallween attractions around where I live  is   to go  to PennHurst Asylum , an abandoned school /Hospital for the mentally challenged.  
Which has been bought by a man who turns it into a haunted house every year around Halloween.
Now this article I am writing is not to promote this Halloween attraction ,but to shed some light on the real live horror of abuse that I personally experience while attending a private boarding school for the emotionally disturbed and the mentally handicapped.
 I would like to point out that PennHurst was ten times worse with it's abuse to patients then I experienced, But because I was a ward of the state with behavior problems, I could have been placed into PenHurst.   I thank God that He protected me and did not let me end up in Penhurst or WillowBrook state school.
 I became a ward of the state because I was hyperactive and unruly and was kick  out of the public school system ,and I was kicked out of schools that dealt with children that were slow learners or had behavior problems.       
 I was also taken from my parent for suspected Child abuse.
I was enrolled in The Pathway School in Audubon Pa in the year 1972. and would live there for nine years.
Here is a list of abusive treatment that I experienced,that was used to control my behavior by the hands of school staff.

When I ran away from school :   I would be put on restriction which means placed in  isolation,put in an empty room,fore weeks at a time.
Run aways only got feed once a day,they would be forced to drink brewers yeast for the other two meals. horrible tasting stuff.
I spent most of six years standing facing a wall or sitting in a chair in a hallway, from 6.oo am to 12.00am only breaking this cycle to goto school.  If you talk to any other student while on hallway restriction your punishment was standing for hours on your feet.
One of the physical abuses which was used on me on a daily bases was bending my arm in the back of me while bending my wrist to wrestle me to the ground to sit on me.
this maneuver was used every time I disobeyed a staff member.
I had a cottage leader get so mad at me for misbehaving that he picked  me up by my throat and was backing my head on the ceiling and wall. 

Another way I felt abused was by having been forced to take a handful of assortment  of behavior controlling drugs, three times a day .
 I believe they were an assortment of uppers and downer to control me throughout each day.

Now I Think positive attention would have got me to bend my will not medicating me so much that  I started to looking around for a guitar and a rhinestone studded jumpsuit." A THANK YOU VERY MUCH. "

I think it was abuse that I spent my childhood standing in a hall facing a wall or confined to a chair in a hall.,or confined to empty room.

I would like to say that my last three year at the school did change when a teachers aid tutor me in math and reading,and bent my will through showing kindness and a true interest in helping trouble student get there act together.
I will say that at this school few and far between were the staff that helped me straight out my conduct. So that I was equipt to leave Pathway school and re enter public society and attend and graduate from public high school.
 My mother told me That The Pathway School thought at one time that I would have to be institutionalized for my entire life.      Boy did those expert psychiatrists mis classify this bird. They classify  me as being a wadling Gooney bird, when I turned out to be a soaring Eagle,by the grace,mercy, love of God .
I went on to serve in the U.S Army for four years,and the national guard for five years. 
With the military I have attend Combat Engineering school,I attended emergency medical school.
I attend 1 year of Bible college.
I am a accomplished Artist,Poet,Writer,Comedian,and accomplish all this without   take one behavior controlling pill.
So the conclusion is by the hand of providence I did not end up in Penhurst or WillowBrook because if I did I wouldn't be alive to  day to write this article.   
Remember as you go thill seeking to have the shit scared out of you by attending a haunted house attraction,there is nothing  more scarier than the evil deeds that have been done behind dark forgotten doors and wall.

To give this article of mine some dimension for you,Go to YouTube and watch the short documentaries on the abuse at Penshurst and   WillowBrook.

Written Stephen J.Vattimo
October 10,2014

Black Sheep Washed Whiter Than Snow

Jesus frees
If you will believe

Cast away your wondering around in your dark past
Start traveling along His lighted path 
you will see that Jesus frees
If you will believe

I started my journey as a  black sheep in the fold
always rolling in the wrong direction
 So I was starved for affection
I was abandoned by the fold

Instead of hanging me from a tree
They leave me in a dense dark forest
In the care of the hands of the wolves

The Father to the Fatherless closes the hungry mouths of the wolves
He safely lead me back to my fold
Though I try to roll in harmony with the fold 
I could not win their affection
I recieved their rejection
Because in their I eyes I was still  the black sheep of the fold

They  curioused me out of the fold
They thought I would never be a successful sheep 
They thought I would roll in the direct of a pig
Spending my days wallowing in the mud 
becoming nothing more than a dud
My journey would end on a heap pile of crud

I once again was  abandoned to the dark dense woods
The home of the hungry wolves

I found the woods were cold with rejection
No flames of affection to warm oneself by
Blinded by darkness ,for there was no hope to provide light
Wandering around lost ,for there was no direction

Then The Father to the Fatherless
The Good Shepherd 
Called out to me

He said," You don't have to be lost any more." 
"Join my fold."

"I will never neglect you."
"I will never reject you."
"I will never eject you." 

"Cast away your wondering around in your dark past."
"Come let Me make you a new creation,old thing are done away with."
"Let Me guide you along the lighted path of abundant life. "

" For I am Jesus, I have come to set you free!"

" If you will believe you will see."

Written Stephen J. Vattimo
Oct 04 2014

The Interrupter

You ever get tried of hearing people who catch you talking to your self saying," Hay, talking to your self is a sign of mental illness!"
My remedy for this problem is to respond to The interrupter," Hay,don't you know rudnes is also a mental illness?   Can't you read the sign hanging around my neck ?
Written by Stephen J.Vattimo
Aug 23,2014

It's In The Code Of Our DNA

We can't help but worship a god
It's in the code of our DNA

Did our god appear
when Areon throw gold into the fire
Out came the image of a calf ?

Why do we bow our knee
before gods of flesh and stone
that don't answer us when we speak ?
We spend hour in their temples
trying to commune with them
We are alway left standing all empty and alone.

We can't help but worship a god
It's in the code of our DNA

There is a God that did not appear by human hands

His visitation to the Hebrews at the Mt. Sinai 
 consumed the mountain with fire,smoke ,lightning, 
He spoke to them with a voice of many trumpets

There is a God who left His Holy temple
He condensed Himself by becoming flesh to commune with you and me

There is a God
Who sacrificed His wealth
to purchase the dept that kept impoverished soul in prison
that they may be set free from spiritual poverty

There is a God who gave us His Holy Spirit
That our communion we have with  Him
May be closer then the air around us that we breath

We can't help but worship a god
It's in the code of our DNA

I am going to worship,I am going to bow my knee
To God by the only name give under Heaven
 Jesus The Christ

Written By Stephen J.Vattimo 
August 24,2014

Thank You ?

At my place of employment, part of my job is to issue equipment to service  technicians.
Well one morning  after I handed a  technician his equipment,He thanked me in spanish,in a joking manner He said", Grassy ASS ."  Instead of using the real word which is Gracias.
So I replied," The remedy to get rid of the case of the Grassy Ass, is to stop having nude picnics on your front lawn. 

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
August 2,2014

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