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The Interrupter

You ever get tried of hearing people who catch you talking to your self saying," Hay, talking to your self is a sign of mental illness!"
My remedy for this problem is to respond to The interrupter," Hay,don't you know rudnes is also a mental illness?   Can't you read the sign hanging around my neck ?
Written by Stephen J.Vattimo
Aug 23,2014

It's In The Code Of Our DNA

We can't help but worship a god
It's in the code of our DNA

Did our god appear
when Areon throw gold into the fire
Out came the image of a calf ?

Why do we bow our knee
before gods of flesh and stone
that don't answer us when we speak ?
We spend hour in their temples
trying to commune with them
We are alway left standing all empty and alone.

We can't help but worship a god
It's in the code of our DNA

There is a God that did not appear by human hands

His visitation to the Hebrews at the Mt. Sinai 
 consumed the mountain with fire,smoke ,lightning, 
He spoke to them with a voice of many trumpets

There is a God who left His Holy temple
He condensed Himself by becoming flesh to commune with you and me

There is a God
Who sacrificed His wealth
to purchase the dept that kept impoverished soul in prison
that they may be set free from spiritual poverty

There is a God who gave us His Holy Spirit
That our communion we have with  Him
May be closer then the air around us that we breath

We can't help but worship a god
It's in the code of our DNA

I am going to worship,I am going to bow my knee
To God by the only name give under Heaven
 Jesus The Christ

Written By Stephen J.Vattimo 
August 24,2014

Thank You ?

At my place of employment, part of my job is to issue equipment to service  technicians.
Well one morning  after I handed a  technician his equipment,He thanked me in spanish,in a joking manner He said", Grassy ASS ."  Instead of using the real word which is Gracias.
So I replied," The remedy to get rid of the case of the Grassy Ass, is to stop having nude picnics on your front lawn. 

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
August 2,2014

I'm Not Living In Stealth Mode

My image might be a fright in your sight
but that doesn't mean I bite

I don't have a college degree
But that doesn't mean I am not wise enough to know the difference between darkness and light

I may not be a Pastor or a Rabbi 
But I can still share with your the words of Jesus who has the power to lead you from death and into abundant eternal life

My talents may not fetch silver or Gold
But that doesn't mean they aren't gifts from God
But that doesn't mean they aren't  anointed for the service of God's kingdom

I may not have a popular name
I may not have power and wealth 
That doesn't mean I live in stealth mode

But thats not going to stop me from turning the world upside down 
To introduce the hungry to  the name of The Bead Of Life 
 Jesus The Christ.

Written By Stephen J. Vattimo
July 25 2014

Invincible SuperHero

It's splash across the canvas of print
It's blare across the airways

Another SuperHero has fallen.

On the stage of life,they appear bullet proof
but out of the bright lights,in the shadows
every SuperHero has his Kryptonite

In the bright lights
a SuperHero's powers are his wealth and fame
in the shadows super powers can be weakened
by thieves,moths,rust

Don't Gear when a SuperHero has fallen
less it becomes your  Kryptonite
and you trip over your own cape.

The strength of a SuperHero's custom is not in silver or gold
but in the strength of a good name.

There is only one invincible SuperHero
He conquered death at the cross
To rescue Humanity from the hands of a villain

The name of this SuperHero is Jesus The Christ

Written By Stephen J. Vattimo
 July 6 2014

Vegan Craz At The Beach

Jaws the man eating shark / movie star was asked by TMZ ," Why out of a group of a hundred people in the water,did he attack and eat The Joy Green Giant?"
Jaw replied ," My doctor told me that I had a bad heart and I need to stop eating meat and  go on a  Vegan diet !" 

Written By Stephen J. Vattimo
June 21, 2014.

Theistic Evolution Stinks!

One day at a college a Mexican Professor who teaches a course on World Religions, gave his students his theological definition of ,Theistic Evolution.
He explained to his students that Theistic Evolution is the theory that God set in to motion the evolutionary processes that brought all things in to being.
A student asked the professor, "How did God put evolution into motion?"
The professor told the cass,"Evolution was set in motion through the Big Bang Theory.
God ate a Spicy Bean Burrito and farted, and the creation has been evolving ever since."

Written By Stephen J. Vattimo
June 28,2014

Never Lost Just Redistributed

Today I was reading  a posts on my face book , I notice my aunt posted  that she lost 10 LBS.     I wrote back to her," No , You didn't loose 10 pounds. The 10 pounds were just redistributed to me, through President Obama's Redistribution Of  The Wealth Of America Program! "

Written by Stephen J . Vattimo
June 6, 2014

Simple Solution

One  day I was feeling so ill while I was at work,I thought I might be having a heart attack.            My whole abdominal   area had sever craps,it felt like a horse kicked me and someone was stabbing me in the stomach at the same time.      While having     pain in my chest, followed with sweating.
 After work I went to a Patient First Medical Clinic to have some tests done to find out what was wrong with me.  Well after running up a $120.00 medical bill ,which  included EKG , X-Rays,and oxygen monitoring.
 The result of the tests?    I just need to pay someone $0.50 to pull my finger so I could fart.

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
May 14, 2014

Good Vibrations

I went to the doctor's the other day to have an operation set up to fix a lower hernia I have acquired from heavy lifting at work.      The surgeon told me that during the procedure  he might have to cut a nerve in my leg if it causes a problems when He puts in the mesh to repair the hernia.     He tells me by cutting this nerve I might loose some feeling on the right side of my marble bag, nothing important.
So I tell the surgeon I would if possible like for him not to take or leave anything in my body that is not crucial for the success of my operation procedure.
So I tell the surgeon ( knowing how mentally distracted everyone is today) ," During the Operation ,please don't leave your chewing gum,or surgical tools inside me!"
 "But it's OK if  you leave your cellphone in side me, as long as it's on vibration mode and you are a popular Guy!! "

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
May 3,2014

Passing Through

An Artist goes to Long Island New York for an Opening Night Art Show Party.
He first check into his hotel.    As he is going through the entrance to the hotel lobby, the Door Man say," Sir you need to get rid of some of that baggage your carrying."
 The Artist looks down at his very small suitcase in his hand then look back at the Door Man with a puzzled look on his face and asks," what are you talking about?  I 'm only caring this very small suitcase?"
The Door Man replies," Sir it took three days for your caboose to catch up with your engine." 

Written by Stephen J.Vattimo
April 29 2014

Hoodwinked By The Destroyer Of Nations

Modern Philosophy
Pet  Psychiatry
High Technology

These entities become the demigod 
We have place our country under it's authority

Holy Spirit

The God our nation crawled after
For protection
For provision
For guidance 

Our nation grew up
It was  nurture
It was blessed
It progressed

Then at a Opportune  time
The Destroyer Of Nations whispered deceitful words in our ears

That diluted our minds
 with the thoughts that  all our blessing were from the works of our own hands
That poisoned our heart against God
We became un thankful
We became disobedient 
We filed away God with all the methodological  deities 

We erected new alters to worship our new  demigod of
Modern philosophy
Pet  Psychiatry
High Technology

 The blessing  of our demigod on our nation are 

Salvation for our country is only one step back
Turn back to The God of This countries youth .

Written By Stephen J.Vattimo

October 26 2013

He Has Gone Before Us

He Has Gone Before Us
APRIL 24, 2014
Dear friend,

when you are going through a hard time in your life, do you get temped to accuse God of having no idea what you are going through? Well the Bible teaches that through Jesus His Son, the God who created all things left His throne in Heaven, and became a human being ,so that the invisible God became visible and dwelt with man.
His purpose was to teach man how to live a prosperous life according God’s design,not according to man’s sinful design. His purpose was to demonstrate the power Of God to provide for all our needs. The power to heal our physical and spiritual infirmities.
His purpose to  teach about,and reveal the way to God’s Heaven. To pay the debt that all men own for the penalty of committing sin.
God became a man to over come the power of  sin that imprisons man ,keeping them from being free to fellowship with God and to receive the gift of eternal life.
God did all this out of His love,mercy ,and grace He want to shower on man Kind.

I have often meditated on these teaching about God, and could not help to try to imagine the things God through Jesus had experienced, the struggle of being a man.
Even though Jesus was completely God and did not sin,He was completely 
man. So Jesus experienced the weaknesses of the flesh. He knew what it was to 
be tire and sore from a hard day work. He most likely got sick or hurt doing his time on Earth. He most likely experienced abuse from people around Him. He might even had been knocked down or hit when the Roman soldiers would raid His village for collecting taxes, or just to steal from or abuse the  Jewish people.
Jesus submitted Him self under fair and abusive people who were in authority over Him. Jesus experienced having to work to earn a living, and he had to pay taxes just like a normal person in His community.
Jesus was acquainted with sorrow of losing a family member or friend to death.

Conclusion, God through Jesus experienced the struggle man goes though living in a sin cursed world. So when you are facing a trail, and you are growing tried and weary ,call on the name of the Lord because he has already blazed that trail before.If you ask Him , he will provide the strength and guidance to you to be victorious offer your trial.
Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
April 24, 2014

Stand Strong

Stand strong
In the dark don't allow your knees to grow weak

Stand strong
Be fore your adversary your strength will peak 
If you seek the Spirit of  the Humble and the meek

People with cold stone heart seek to devour people
Using weapons they have fashioned  from their mean streak
while they stumble around weak and lost in the dark
People with warm hearts of clay 
will find there way through the dark  following the light of faith
Using the shield of peace and the sword of Truth to ward of the attack of the  adversary 

Stand strong 
Don't fret  when some days you are met with the elements of weariness and dreariness
The Holy Spirit heals a weather beaten soul that is open to Him

Stand strong
Don't allow adversity to erode your God given hopes and dreams
Through faith in Christ all will overcome our adversary in this world
Stand strong
In the dark don't allow your knees to grow weak

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo

April 12, 2014

Terminator Chicken

Two friends are trying to decide which grocery store they should go to , to do their weekly food shopping.  
One say to the other, " I think we should shop at a whole foods store,be cause their meat come from animals that were  raised with out the use of steroids ."
Other guy asks  his friend,"when you eat steroid free meat,can you see or taste a difference in the quality of the meat?" 
His friend relied,''No, but last night at dinner time, my steroid raised chicken meat did his best Arnold Schwarzenegger  impersonation and threaten to break my face if I try to cut him up with my fork and knife. " 

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
Mar 24, 2014

A Standing Ovation For The Chef

A man and His wife are sitting in a five star restaurant,trying to rekindle the flames of romance.   They just got done eating their dinner and now they are sipping on a glass of desert wine while the waiter is placing their deserts in front of them.
Out of no where the man tell his wife ,"" Honey, I really got to loose some weight!
"I need to go on a diet, and start doing exercises like buns Of Steel or Butt Busters."
His wife ask," What is going on with you ? "       " Out of no where you start talking about having a weight problem."     "  I have always thought   you were comfortable with your self!"
The man replies," Well Honey I just farted, and my butt cheeks  applauded the chef   who had prepared our meals this evening.   

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
Feb 14, 2014

Body Freedom Is Deemed Weird By Talk Show Host

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Doggy Santa

You ever come a cross one of those dog lovers that has a screw lose in their head?
 You know the people that buy designer outfits for their dogs ,and force their pet to  wear them.
The people who buy their dog's meals from the most expensive restaurants in town.
The people who think dogs should be granted the right to vote for politicians.

Well around Christmas time I heard on the radio that the newest thing dog owners can do is take their dog to visit Doggy Santa.      Some one actually make money from dressing their dog up in a Santa outfit, so Dog owner can bring their dogs to visit Doggy Santa to tell him what they want to receive for Christmas. 
I heard that this is so popular that the line for a visit with Doggy Santa  raped around a mall.
So  I could imagine a conversation taking place between a dog lover with a screw loose in their head and their misbehaving dog,while waiting in line to visit Doggy Santa.
Dog owner," Fluffy, Remember not to try to hump Doggy Santa while He is listing to another dog's Christmas list.
Be cause if you do, Doggy Santa won't stuff your stocking with squeaky toys
Instead he will fill you stocking with cat shit !

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo    
Jan 3, 2014

Big Surprises Sometimes Come In Small Packages

A three year old boy plays a joke on his dad. He takes a chocolate bar and smears it on his face and hands and then goes up to his dad and says," Daddy , I try to be a big boy and change my own diaper.  When I cut the wrong wire to defuse the bomb I found in my diaper, it blew up in my face !  "  
Can you clean me up ?      
Please !!!!      

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
Dec 8, 2013

Glass Prism

My spectrum of  self expression is not captured in a portrait of black and white.

My artistic talent are received from One source of  pure light.

Passing through me like  a  glass  prism, expressing them in diversity of colors in my life.


Christ is my muse,

But in this life I will reflect His image  like a polished piece of metal.

Not perfectly clear like a glass mirror,

because their are shades of gray in my vinear.


My spectrum of  self expression is not captured in a portrait of black and white.


One day I will step into the presence of the source of pure light.

His spectrum of  glory will blot out the existence of black and white.

My impurity will be berried in my grave,

I will enter His glory resurrected in the perfect image of Christ. 


In that day my spectrum of artistic talent will be perfected through One Source Of light. 


I can't wait,

Because My spectrum of  self expression is not captured in a portrait of black and white.


Written by Stephen J. Vattimo

Nov 28,2013

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